The Oakville Neighbourhood

By: Hussain Al Hasani

The Oakville Neighbourhood

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Oakville is a tremendous GTA neighbourhood that offers a quiet surrounding and easy access to top amenities. Known for excellent housing, especially for families, its lavish green spaces, the famous lakeside, superb amenities, and renowned schools, it is an area that many GTA homebuyers want to settle in. If you are also thinking about buying a home in the GTA, here are a few reasons why Oakville might be your perfect pick.



Oakville’s location 

Oakville is only 30 minutes away from Toronto but is yet away enough to escape the city noise. It is very easy to reach the major highways from Oakville, an asset that many Oakville residents very much enjoy, especially if they commute daily to Downtown Toronto or other GTA areas. Oakville is also served by around 40 bus lines, with most homes being very close to a bus stop, which means public transit is also a very common and convenient option for commuters.


Great housing opportunities 

Oakville consists of several neighbourhoods, and all of them feature excellent housing opportunities. Homes in Oakville are mostly spacious and come with big lots. Whether you’d like to settle in a cottage-style, heritage or custom-built home, Oakville has got it all. Newer neighbourhoods, like River Oaks, offer modern homes built in the 1990s and 2000s, as well as new construction homes and high-rise condos. Prestigious Oakville neighborhoods, like College Park or West Oak Trails, also offer spacious homes on big lots that are often surrounded by green spaces and mature trees, which is great if you are looking for a serene ambiance and more privacy. Joshua Creek is another example of an ideal Oakville neighbourhood. It is a relatively new neighbourhood with contemporary homes, many of which come with luxury finishes. Joshua Creek mostly consists of two storey homes, but there is also a compact selection of luxury townhomes. The beautiful nature, parks and accessibility to shopping, great schools and other amenities make this neighbourhood a very desirable spot for families.


While Oakville housing covers numerous housing styles and tastes in different price ranges, it is well-known for its luxurious state-of-the art properties that cater to a more extravagant lifestyle. 


Oakville is home to prestigious luxurious properties

Oakville is an affluent neighbourhood where luxury properties and estate-like mansions in the seven-digit price range contribute to Oakville’s gorgeous cityscape. Oakville homebuyers looking for luxury homes can find extraordinary properties tucked away from noise, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery of tree lines, woodlots, with very private driveways, big front yards, as well as magnificent backyards featuring barbecue and lounge areas and occasionally a pond. The houses are custom-built with astonishing designs and architectural features that successfully reflect a blend of modern and traditional, or just one or the other, depending on what you are looking for. Of course, Oakville’s luxurious homes are found in the best locations, like Old Oakville Joshua Creek or Eastlake Oakville.



Oakville’s schools rank high in Ontario

With many great schools, parks, and recreational facilities, Oakville is a top family community that offers a safe environment for both, children and parents. Oakville counts to one of the safest areas in Canada to live in, and some of Oakville’s schools rank among the highest in Ontario.  

There are 27 public elementary schools, including French Immersion, as well as a number of Catholic and private schools. If you want to find a home in a recommended home district in Oakville, contact real estate agent Hussain Al Hasani who has the needed experience in working with families transitioning to Oakville. 


Recreation and fun

Not only has Oakville many hiking trails, but they are also very convenient to access, like Heritage Trails, Sixteen Mile Creek Trail Loop, Morrison Creek Trail, etc., which makes it easy to explore wildlife, enjoy nature, cycle, jog or simply go for a picnic. Oakville’s numerous parks are also breathtakingly beautiful, boasting manicured green spaces, the lakeshore and lake views, walking paths, playgrounds, basketball courts, and other facilities. Many Oakville residents also enjoy the nearby Glen Abbey Golf Course, which gives Oakville a sophisticated touch. 


Shopping and entertainment

Shopping centres like Oakville Place, South Oakville Centre, Upper Oakville Shopping Centre are very popular with residents. Many brands, clothing and electronic stores can be found in these convenient locations, but for the ultimate Oakville shopping experience, many would recommend Old Oakville or Downtown Oakville where boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants can be found in the heritage part of town right along Lakeshore Road.


Oakville is an all-around community

Oakville is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area because it offers the perfect mix of nature and urban living with historical touch. Its neighbourhoods are a reflection of how the area has gradually and steadily developed over the decades attracting new homebuyers and businesses alike. One of the great things about Oakville is that the newer neighbourhoods also stayed true to the original Oakville character, which makes Oakville a special community where heritage and modernism blend in very well.  


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